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About Me

I'm Latoya Nicole and I am a serial entrepreneur who is a visionary and creative at heart. I decided a couple of years ago that I would use the power of the internet to help support myself in hopes of building a life that I didn’t need a break from. One reason I chose the internet is because I didn’t want to HAVE to deal with people if I didn’t want to. I guess you can blame that on being more on the introverted side. I am a full time mom of 1 Shihpoo dog named Chloe and I currently live in North Carolina.

But let’s take a step back….

I was 32 years old with a master's degree in counseling and making more than enough money to live comfortably however I was completely burned out. I was at a crossroad between continuing to be stressed at my job being "bossed around" or to learn to create my own money by "bossing up". I chose the latter. Through a series of random events I got turned on to the world of e-commerce. One day I asked God what I could do to create passive income and my first book 24 Shades of Business was born. Since then I have been blessed to create and run several online stores which includes my coloring book series for adults, Entrepreneurs Color Too and my Holiday Shop, The Secret Black Santa. So everything that I have created, learned and mastered monetizing is what I teach courses on to help boss women like you start and grow your online business.



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