3 Reasons Why You Should Be Publishing Books

Latoya Nicole

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Publishing Books
  1. There is no word count that you have to meet in order to become a published author
  2. People are ready to pay you for them
  3. You can automate your income


Maybe you're teaching a class and want to create a journal, workbook or planner to help your readers get more or you just simply want to create a journal for yourself? After self-publishing more than 15 books including journals, workbooks, and coloring books I can show you how to do it!


  1. There is no word count that you have to meet in order to become a published author


A low content book is one that contains some written content, but far less than one would find in a typical book. A journal that has inspirational quotes on each page like “The Bosses Journal”  would be considered a low content book. A day planner with the days of the week and months listed would be another example. Even a recipe book could be considered a low content book.


A no content book usually refers to a book that has no written content in it. It usually includes blank pages, lined pages or bullets for bullet journaling. It simply means there aren’t any words in the book. A couple of examples of no content books would be a blank journal that only has lines for writing. If it’s a book that doesn’t have written content in it, then it can be considered a no content book even if it contains other forms of content.


  1. People are ready to pay you for it


While it makes sense individuals would buy these books if they meet their specific needs, it’s not only individuals. Large corporations, chain stores, and small groups may often buy these books as well. Many are used as corporate gifts or novelty items. Journals always sell well if they can capture the attention of the writers who need them. If you can come up with any niche where these types of books are in demand, they will sell well.


  1. You can automate your income


It’s definitely possible to make money in your sleep with no content and low content books. These types of books are hugely selling on various sites including Amazon. Currently, no content and low content journals are some of the best selling books on Amazon. This means that you create the journal once for FREE and you can continue to make money in your sleep each time someone purchases it.



If you aren’t a good writer, you likely assume it’s impossible to make money creating and selling books. That is definitely not true. There is a booming business with both “low content” and “no content” books! My short class How to Create Journals for FREE will teach you all the basics, including how to create customized journals from start to finish whether you want to do it as a business or as a hobby. It will also provide you with the templates you need for your interiors, sized perfectly for Amazon's printing service - just add a cover (which you will also learn in this course). I will make it as simple as possible to move you from "Hey, I want to do my own journals" to "Hey! I just published my book"!

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  • @AfricaJames – Thanks for reaching out. At this time I don’t currently offer a coloring book course however I am in the process of creating one. In the meantime, if you have questions on how to create a coloring book please feel free to set up a one on one consultation with me here: – Hope that helps!


  • Hello, I would love to know if you offer a course in creating and publishing a coloring book?

    Africa James

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