5 Social Media Tips for Building an Audience Online

5 Social Media Tips for Building an Audience Online

Do you want to get more followers on your social media networks and drive more traffic to your website? If so, then you can follow these tips to help get some organic traffic. In this post, you'll find five social media tips for building an audience on social media. These tips will help prepare you to create a successful brand on social platforms.


5 Social Media Tips for Building an Audience on Social Media


1. Add Links to your Social Media profiles on your website

If you don't actively add all of the social networks that you currently use to your website as well as your social media profiles, you're missing your on opportunities to build your audience on other channels. Make sure that you have filled out your website information on your social media and website to drive traffic and eyes to all of your platforms.

2. Create Consistent Visual Branding

Think about your brand's image. Is it fun and bubbly or sleek and clean. Keep a consistent feel and look to your brand across the board. If possible, try to keep your usernames consistent across the board so that if someone searches for you with your user name on instagram they can also use that same username to find you on alternate platforms.

3. Let your Audience See the REAL you

Social media, even though it happens behind a screen, is all about authenticity. Don't be afraid to show what a typical day for you looks like, or when you get new inventory in or even your trip to the post office to drop off packages.

4. Collaborate with other Influencers

Collaboration is one of the best (and fastest) ways to grow your presence, credibility, and online audience. But more importantly, it's one of the best ways to establish yourself in the community. When people see you interacting with people they already enjoy and follow, they consider you as someone they want to follow as well. They say "The new competition is collaboration" so why not reach out to other people with strong brands and collab on something. This way you get introduced to their audience and they get introduced to your audience. 

5. Check out your competitors

One of the best social media tips is to search and see what your competitors are doing. Why? It helps you get ideas for what not to do and it can help inspire you with great ideas for what to do.

Learning from someone else’s mistake is one of the best ways you can actually progress because you are not stuck being responsible for actually paying for the mistake. For example, when I first started my online boutique I was studying a young lady who was doing very well with her online boutique business. While studying her I noticed that tons of people were in her instagram comments complaining about how long it was taking for them to receive their items. Some were saying weeks and some were saying months. I knew automatically that people did not like having to wait longer than what was promised to receive what they paid for! So, having that knowledge made me implement quick shipping with my own products so that I was not forced to have negative comments in my comments section about people not receiving what they paid for and in turn causing my audience to no longer trust me.

Now, the same way that you can learn from your peers what business practices to avoid, you can also figure what is worth testing. For example, if a competitor is great at a strategy you are struggling with, you can observe the differences and learn what you can do better. Let’s say you observe in your competitors comments on instagram that they provide excellent customer service and actually respond to their customers comments with a “thank you” or at least some form of acknowledgement. This could be a strategy that you could also begin to do with your audience. It may seem small but small things can truly matter.


Article by: Latoya Nicole


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