3 Benefits of Becoming a Bestselling Author

3 Benefits of Becoming a Bestselling Author

When I was in the process of creating my first coloring book I was doing research and kept seeing authors with the title "bestselling author." I knew it must have meant something good but I had a hard time getting anyone to actually explain what the benefits of becoming a bestselling author actually was. So, I wanted to enlighten you just in case you are on your journey of becoming an author and have the same question, “What are the benefits of becoming a best-selling author?”


1. You can sell more books.


The more books you sell, the more people will find out about your books via Amazon’s algorithm and the more books you’ll sell. It’s a continuous cycle. Once people start buying your book then lots of other people get a chance to see the book because it’s featured on Amazon and other retailers in their algorithms. This is kind of like the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook in that once people start liking and commenting on your post they allow a wider audience to begin to start seeing that particular post which increases the chance of your post becoming popular.


In other words, Amazon will do most of the work promoting your book if you provide the groundwork for success. That means you need a) a good book b) that people will enjoy so that it c) gets good reviews, d) people share it through word of mouth. So let Amazon help sell your book for you.


2. You can charge more for coaching and speaking engagements.


A couple of years ago, when I started out teaching people how to start an online boutique, I charged $50 for an hour of coaching. I now charge $125 per hour and that price will even be increasing shortly. Being a best-selling author will allow you to charge more for things like speaking and coaching. You will get paid well because you are worth it (even though you are honestly worth it before become a bestselling author. But, that’s another day and another topic).


3. You can attract more opportunities.


When your book becomes a best-seller, businesses and companies start contacting you. You never know what kind of opportunities will come your way. One person who really liked my book contacted me about a huge wholesale order for their school and even recommended my book to their peers that also worked in the school system. This gave me tons of new orders simply by word of mouthI didn’t do anything to chase this opportunity it came to me because someone saw my book and loved it.


About the author:


Latoya Nicole is a bestselling author, publisher and social entrepreneur. She is from Raleigh, North Carolina and has received a Master's Degree in Counseling/Psychology. She is creating her own lane while bridging the gap between coloring books and black culture! Her books have been featured in Curly Nikki, Black Enterprise, Madame Noire, Official Black Wall Street and more. Being passionate about uplifting females in the community she also teaches emerging entrepreneurs how to start and market their online businesses.

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Your information is on point and rejuvenating. You have motivated me to get started. I would love to learn and understand more steps start to finish and doing publishing the right way Sending love 💕 from the Caribbean 🌻

Petal J

@Dr.Velma Bagby – you are quite welcome!

Latoya Nicole

Thank you for your inspirational tips.

Dr.Velma Bagby

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